Installer un logiciel

On peut installer un paquet

sudo eopkg install 'nomdupaquet'

Reinstaller un logiciel

Commande necessaire à la réinstallation d'un logiciel

sudo eopkg install --reinstall 'nomdupaquet'

Uninstalling Software

You can uninstall one or more packages by using:

sudo eopkg remove packagename

For example:

sudo eopkg remove gnome-documents gnome-music

Get Information on Software

You can get information on software, such as its description, version, installation size, and more, by using

sudo eopkg info packagename

For example:

sudo eopkg info gnome-documents


You can update your system by using:

sudo eopkg upgrade

If you want to only update a specific piece of software on your system, you can specify is like below:

sudo eopkg upgrade 'nomdupaquet'


You can search the software selection Solus provides by using:

sudo eopkg search 'motclé'

Notice that you don’t need to search for a specific software name, although you can do that. We search summaries and software names by default.

Base Development Tools

If you are wanting to compile software under Solus, we recommend installing our system.devel component by running the following:

sudo eopkg install -c system.devel